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Job Title:HOT !! HR Manager
Position:HR Manager
Location:Rojana Plant (Ayuttaya) -1 Kingkaew Plant (Samutprakarn) -1 Banpho Plant (Chachoensao) - 1
Salary:100 K
Date:Nov 21, 2017
• Establish and implement employee programs and monitor processes that foster and

promote a climate of trust, cooperation and confidence

• Advice and assist in the evaluation and/or modification of compensation programs that are,

and that will be perceived as , fair and equitable consistent with the financial position of the


• Plan, organize, and direct personnel programs and activities in a manner that engenders

open and direct communications between the company and all employees and promotes and

atmosphere of communicattion and involvement

• Establish and implement training program, monitor and follow up of effectiveness to ensure

that employee grain a knowledge and well execution for their job

• Control and manage USTM/UTMS for time/attendance

• Responsible for AOP, Manpower planning and update head count plan

• Responsible for job bid, coordinate with HOD for prepare documents, conduct internal


• Prepareing and coordinate employee movement, promotion, transfer, extension

• Control the discipline of employees to follow the company's rules and regulations

• Suggestion box, all grievance and complaints and find out the right solution

• Prepare report, HR Weekly and Montly Report

• Organization Chart update

• Employee communication

• Follow up PM Tool and suggest problem solving when employee found the issue

• Database Adient employee (In-Out)

• Resignation , Exit Interview

• Responsible for Manpower Planning

• Recruitment, Implement job posting process system for internal

Other Benefit :

1) Housing Allowance 12% from basic


2) Cost of living

3) Food Allowance

4) Fleet card value

Working Day : Mon.-Fri.

Working Time : 8.00 -17.30
Qualified candidates please submit your resume  here



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Download Application Form