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Job Title:Asst. Lean &CI Manager base in Chonburi /Rayong
Position:Asst. Lean &CI Manager
Location:Chonburi /Rayong
Date:Jun 03, 2012

Job description Position: Asst. Lean &CI Manager base in Chonburi /Rayong as below;

Job scope:

Assistant Lean &CI Manager will report directly to the Expatriate Manager and the Thai Plant Manager and will be responsible for the following key functions;


  • Responsible for providing Lean Manufacturing deployment to develop and execute of specific lean manufacturing projects.

  • Supervise the manufacturing functions of the multi-plant activity.

  • Provide support and expertise in the areas of lean manufacturing, together with 5S, TPM, PPS, QCO and error proofing.

  • Managing and responsible for Kaizen of material flow and standard of work JIT and VSM.

  • Implement Lean Manufacturing/Kaizen principles to improve quality, on-time delivery and reduce operating cost inventory.

  • Set up of reduction and workplace organization to train and educate members to the lean processes.

  • Project management and administration of project direction for cost benefits analysis.

  • Assure the consistence of application of company policies and procedures.

  • Effectively work across all department and associates.

  • Management of waste reduction and implementation for standardize methods.

  • Participate in overseas training, USA and China.


  • Bachelor?s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or another related engineering field.

  • Special consideration for applicants with Science and Engineering Degree.

  • At least 5 years experience in managing of waste reduction.

  • Experience within the industrial value mapping work flow and kan-ban would be highly desirable.

  • Possess a good understanding of safety and environmental standards and concerns.

  • Good command of English language and computer literacy.

  • Understanding on Productivity, Cost controlling and Basic Profit and Loss.

  • Ability to travel overseas.

    Qualified candidates please submit your resume  here



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    Download Application Form