1. Headhunting & Executive Search

We are a boutique headhunting firm customized to meet the needs of each individual client. Our team uses their in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industries - knowledge built in international and cross-cultural environments - to perform direct searches supported by our high-tech systems. This direct search approach ensures the highest success rate for our customers in finding exactly the right people for middle-and upper management positions.

2. Selection & RECRUITMENT Procedure

2.1. Selection Procedure

  1. Data base: PMB Siam, already has a wide range of in-house data base for catering to different client requirements. We exploit various media to advertise and even go Head Hunting to get the apt candidate with respect to the requirements of various organizations.
  2. Screening: We have a brilliant team of experts to interview the candidates to be shortlisted for different categories.
  3. Short listing: The candidates are short listed based on their qualification, experience, language fluency and abilities
  4. Trade Test: We conduct trade test according to the requirements of the post. The candidates will be ranked in such a manner that the clients can easily categorize them. This saves considerable time and energy.


2.2 Types of Recruitment

  1. Free Recruitment: In this type of recruitment, we won’t be charging any amount from the candidates. The ticket and incurring expenses will be provided by our clients as per the company norm.
  2. Direct Recruitment: Here we do the search, short listing and selection of the candidates according to the job profile of our clients needs. This includes professionals from all fields.
  3. Short Term Man Power Supply: These are specific short-term contract for professionals and skilled people. It includes projects like shut down, maintenance, professional assistance in all fields. Staffs provided will be under PMB Siam pay roll.




Download Application Form

Download Application Form