Our Process


Quality Control in Recruitment

PMB Siam Consultant Company Limited, has developed an in-take process for the clients who are who are expecting a candidate matching as closely as possible to the job requirement to the applicant’s skills and expectations to what is entailed as well as their compensation package.


PMB Siam Consultant Company Limited, will follow a structured interviewing process for your company’s applicants. Both opening and closing questions will be asked together with an applicant’s work experiences, interests, and preferences as it relates to the specific client requirements.

Our Process

  • Meet the client at their office/ production facility, obtaining full details of the company, its process and the vacant position(s).
  • We will work with the client to find the profile of the ideal candidate.
  • The position will then be advertised in the appropriate media and/or trade specific groups as well as a search through the extensive PMB Siam Consultant Company Limited database to begin the search process.
  • We will examine all replies, assessing their suitability against the pre-determined criteria.
  • We will interview all candidates in English and conduct a Personal Profile Analysis.
  • References will then be checked and verified for the potential appointee.

Recruitment Options

There are four recruitment options available to companies depending on the urgency of the placement.

  1. We Search
  2. We recruit (Advertising and marketing program)
  3. We Headhunt
  4. We Select

In general, clients normally select to advertise through PMB Siam Consultancy when a position needs to be filled immediately.

Where the timing is less urgent, PMB Siam Consultancy can commence the assignment by search and/or headhunt for the appropriate candidate.



Download Application Form

Download Application Form