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Job Title:Employee Relation and Employee communicate Manager
Position:Employee Relation and Employee communicate Manager
Location:Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate
Date:Jul 12, 2019

Job Detail:

  • Consult
    on New and Existing Policies:

  • Designs,
    plans, and implements a company's employee relations programs, policies,
    and procedures.   

  • Ensuring
    that all employees follow those policies.

  • In
    addition to policies relating to sexual harassment, drug or alcohol use,
    the way employees act on social networking sites and how they act around

  • The
    Employee relations managers will work together with C&B Manager when
    creating benefits packages.

  • Benefits
    packages refer to all benefits awarded to employees, including vacation
    time, sick leave, maternity leave, health insurance and any incentives.

  • When
    creating one of these packages, ER Manager need to communication and talk
    with employees about what they want and need, compare prices from
    different insurers and decide if all employees should receive the same

  • The ER
    Manager will work as a representative for that union or meet with one of
    those reps on behalf of the employer.

  • The ER
    Manager will make sure and followed all the standards it put in place and
    that workers did not violate any laws.

  • Provide
    guideline and consultant in related to the issues of employee relations,
    rules and regulations, legislative requirement on the issue of employment
    conditions and other concerns.

  • The
    Employee relations manager is specialists focus more on the employees than
    on the company as a whole. Some of the functions of an employee relations
    manager include complying with all laws, negotiating contracts, consulting
    on all new policies and working with the union.

  • Maintains
    good communication and positive relationships with employees to promote
    employee satisfaction.

  • Being
    an Employee Relations Manager guides department managers and employees
    throughout the performance management and goal setting process. Identifies
    and analyzes issues with employee relations infractions. Additionally,
    Employee Relations Manager provides recommendations for resolutions.

  • Provides
    counselling to the line managers and disciplinary committee on labor
    regulations and company’s rules & regulations

  • Lead or
    consult with human business partners and legal on complex employee
    investigations and building level employee relations issues

  • Provides,
    develop and execute country-specific culture and work environment
    programmer incl. health and welfare design and application employees’
    services activities in areas of transportation, canteen and so on.

  • Design
    and manage communication program to create a good understanding both
    inside and outside the company.

  • Ensure
    appropriate action and project implementation on any employee relations
    related matter.

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